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St. Fiacre Bean

Great Lakes Staple Seeds

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Heritage artistic depiction of Saint Fiacre, Patron Saint of Gardeners, Horticulturists, and Florists

(Phaseolus vulgaris); Pole bean; Snap bean; Minimum 20 seeds

St. Fiacre of Breuil (c. AD 600 – 18 August 670) emigrated to France from Ireland. Despite choosing a hermit's life for himself, he ran a hospice for travelers that was known for its vegetable and herb gardens. He is considered a Patron Saint of Gardeners and this bean is his namesake. A French pole variety, its long green pods are tender yet meaty and sastisfyingly flavorful. While snap beans aren't necessarily high on my grow list, I was drawn to the idea that perhaps a bit of saintly presence in the bean patch might be a good thing...

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