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Domestic Shipping

"Wow, your shipping fee is so high!" Is it?

We ship to valid US addresses via the USPS with the exception of Hawaii (please see below.)

Complete, correct information is required to process your order. (I do not share, sell, or use your personal information for anything other than order fulfillment.)

You have the choice of uninsured and insured shipping. Pricing is informed by the USPS Zone Map shipping from 48462.

Maximum weight for standard shipping is 4 pounds. An orders over 5 pounds requires special consideration.

Important Notes:

  1. When your order is shipped it is assigned a tracking number. Please monitor the progress of your delivery via USPS Tracking.

  2. Once your order enters the postal system it is beyond my control.

  3. Contact your post office directly if there is an issue with delivery.

  4. If your order is received damaged or if it goes missing in the USPS system AND you have insurance, you must file a claim with your post office before a replacement / refund is issued.

  5. Great Lakes Staple Seeds is not liable for damage to or loss of packages sent uninsured.

  6. The domestic "Shipping" fee includes the costs associated with electronic payment (roughly 4-5%) and packaging, in addition to the actual postal cost. I realize that the stated rates may seem high but unlike companies that hide their "free shipping" costs in higher seed packet prices, I believe a one-time fee that includes processing is reasonable and more fair to my customers. Any profit made in shipping is negligible to non-existent, and in many cases I lose money.

  7. Shipping to Hawaii: Unfortunately I am not able to ship to Hawaii. Please see Hawaii: Summaries of Exterior Quarantines.


Updated 2022 October 1