100% Michigan Grown Staple Crop Seeds that Empower Your Plant-based Lifestyle Goals

Great Lakes Region Varieties

Explore, celebrate, and sustain the wonderful agricultural diversity of our Great Lakes states and province(!) by including these regional varieties in your gardens.

    Illinois varieties

      Indiana varieties
      The J.M. Hartman & Daughters Seed Company Collection

      Michigan varieties
      The S.M. Isbell & Co., Seedsmen Seed Collection

        Minnesota varieties

          New York State varieties
            Ohio varieties
            A.W. Livingston's Original Tomato Varieties
              Pennsylvania varieties
                Wisconsin varieties
                  Ontario varieties


                    A grain catch your eye but you haven't grown it before and didn't think you could on a small-scale? Growing your own grain is straightforward and very rewarding. Be sure to check our presentations for information on how to include it in your garden and don't hesitate to email Seeds<at>GreatLakesStapleSeeds<dot>com if you have questions!