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Minnesota 13 Dent Corn

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Minnesota 13 Dent Corn
Minnesota 13 Corn (kernals)
Minnesota 13 Corn
Minnesota 13 Corn
Minnesota 13 Corn (nice sturdy stalks)
Minnesota 13 Corn (ears in silk stage)
Minnesota 13 Dent Corn
Minnesota 13 Dent Corn

(Zea mays); aka MN 13; Dent; a Centennial cultivar; 87 day

  • 8' tall plants
  • Yellow ears 7½" - 8" long
  • 12 - 18 straight kernel rows
  • 26 grams per 100 seeds

    History: Rich Holman from Wisconsin was selecting for earliness and yield on this strain of Minnesota 13 Dent Corn.  We plan to continue the same here in Michigan.  It is written that this corn is desirable for making moonshine. Originally this open-pollinated dent corn was developed by the University of Minnesota in the 1880's. Because of the shorter growing season, it was commonly used in Stearns County. Our original seed stock came from New York.

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