Michigan Grown Staple Crop Seeds that Fit Your Plant-based Nutritional Goals


Recommended Alternative Suppliers

We realize our focused inventory won't satisfy all your seed desires. Please consider supporting these companies in our Great Lakes region to meet those other needs.

    • Sherck Seeds - Indiana seedsman, mentor and friend, John Sherck's collection of grains and legumes adapted for northern growing conditions is impressive.
    • Nature & Nurture Seeds - Erica and Mike operate a certified organic farm-based seed company in Michigan that features regionally adapted varieties.
    • Ann Arbor Seed Company - Eric and Meredith provide seed from a burgeoning collection of open-pollinated vegetable and ornamental varieties.
    • The Garden Hoard - Michigan based seed supplier that propagates heirloom seeds for a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, flowers and herbs.
    • North Circle Seeds - Minnesota based circle of growers producing regionally adapted seed using sustainable and organic practices.
    • Fruition Seeds - a like-minded seed company in New York's Finger Lakes region offering varieties for short-season gardens.
    • Hudson Valley Seed Company - an inspirational seed company also in New York State.
    • Turtle Tree Seed  - yet another New York State seed company worthy of our support.
    • Small House Farm - the Cohens are a seed enthusiastic family offering a wonderful collection of Michigan grown seeds.
    • Michigan Heirlooms - Karen Golden, Michigan's Tomato Whisperer, offers an amazing and inspiring array of spring transplants of tomatoes, peppers, and more for in-person pick-up (only) at her Highland greenhouse.

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