100% Michigan Grown Staple Crop Seeds that Empower Your Plant-based Lifestyle Goals


Recommended Alternative Suppliers

Looking for larger quantities of beans than what we offer? We highly recommend contacting the good folks at Sheridan Acres. Fellow bean enthusiast Kevin represents the 4th generation to grow heirloom beans on his family's farm in Michigan's Thumb region.

Charlie of Wisconsin's Anarchy Acres is a good source for regionally appropriate wheat in quantities larger than we can supply, as is Illinois' Janie's Mill.

John Sherck, Indiana seedsman, mentor and friend, of Sherck Seeds, the Gold Standard when it comes to upland rice cultivated in cold temperate climates has retired from seed sales. Happily, Anders Jorgensen of Lost Ram Farm has joined the team of northern growers (please see listing below.)

We realize our focused inventory won't satisfy all your seed desires. Please consider supporting these companies in our Great Lakes bio-region to meet those other needs. (Yes, I am aware of quite a few additional worthy seed houses that are not on this list. Their omission is purely the result of an intentional focus on producers in our Great Lakes bio-region.)

    • Carrick Seeds - CANADIAN ORDERS ONLY - Theo heads up his family's staple crop growing adventures on their Bruce County, Ontario farm. It's nice to have a like-minded company on the Canadian side of the border to recommend - YAY!
    • Cultivating the Commons - Clint and Kassandra grow regionally adapted seed that produces food they want to prepare, cook, and eat on their Wisconsin family farm.
    • Farmacie Isolde - a Hudson River Valley company with a focus on useful and unusual seeds.
    • Fruition Seeds - a like-minded seed company in New York's Finger Lakes region offering varieties for short-season gardens.
    • Green Haven - a New York State source for over 25 seed varieties (primarily open-pollinated corn.)
    • Happy Cat Farm - Pennsylvania based Tim and Amy started growing every heirloom or open pollinated seed they could get there green thumbs on, so started Happy Cat Organics.
    • Hudson Valley Seed Company - an inspirational seed company also in New York State.
    • Lost Ram Farm - Indiana based Anders Jorgensen offers an exciting selection of regionally adapted rice cultivars. NOTE: currently this a Facebook page; I will update the link when his site goes live.
    • Nature & Nurture Seeds - Erica and Mike operate a certified organic farm-based seed company in Michigan that features regionally adapted varieties.
    • North Circle Seeds - Minnesota based circle of growers producing regionally adapted seed using sustainable and organic practices.
    • Small House Farm - the Cohens are a seed enthusiastic family offering a wonderful collection of Michigan grown seeds.
    • The Garden Hoard - Michigan based seed supplier that propagates heirloom seeds for a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, flowers and herbs.
    • Sistah Seeds - based in Pennsylvania, Amirah Mitchell lovingly grows African-American, Afro-Caribbean, and West African cultural crops.
    • TrueLove Seeds - a Philly PA based company focusing on rare, open pollinated, and culturally important vegetable, herb, and flower seeds.
    • Turtle Tree Seed  - yet another New York State seed company worthy of our support.

    Hang on - didn't I just give you a list of my competitors?!? No, I list wonderful regional small-scale seed houses whose passionate labors of love result in the finest selection of top quality, regionally appropriate seeds, well deserving of their space in our gardens. We all benefit from a strong regional seed supply.


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