100% Michigan Grown Staple Crop Seeds that Empower Your Plant-based Lifestyle Goals

Your Self-reliant Homestead

A self-reliant homestead benefits from familiarity with a wide range of practical skills and cultivation of a diverse selection of crops.

The Resources:

Sizing your Plot to Meet Your Dietary Needs

Homestead Skills for Food Production

Homestead Production of Sorghum Syrup

Homestead Transformation of Broomcorn into Brooms & Whisks

Making Buckwheat Flour from Tartary or Japanese Buckwheat

Making and Using Cornmeal at Home

Digital Resources for Download

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The Seeds:

Feed Crops

Oilseed Varieties

Crops for Weaving, Broom making, Cordage, and Thatching

Crops for Making Alcohol

Crops for Biofuel Production Applications

Bountiful Harvest Fall Forage Crops

Ornamental Collection  - perfect for crafting or that special showy garden spot.

Locally grown, regionally adapted seeds are the key to personal food security so here is how to Create your Homestead's Personal Seedstock. Our Community Page lists our recommended alternative suppliers that in addition to our own inventory, enables you to meet your seed goals.

Be sure to check Cultivating the Staples - Plant, Grow, Use, & Save Seed - an assemblage of guides and bulletins on our favorite crops. Also, access our various Education Outreach in the Community presentations for useful information.