100% Michigan Grown Staple Crop Seeds that Empower Your Plant-based Lifestyle Goals

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A Collection of Recipes to Inspire Using and Enjoying your Homegrown Staple Crops

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Bean Family:

Akara - Cowpea Fritters

Baked Moin-Moin

Bindaeduk Cho Kanjang Recipe - Korean Mung Bean Pancakes with Dipping Sauce

Crispy Fried Tofu Recipe - from The Simply Staples Chef, John Sherck

Farinata Recipe - Chickpea Skillet Pancake

Lemony Chickpea Cake Recipe

No Flour Bean Brownie Recipe

Squash Family:

“OOWISSIMAU'N NO'KIYA "Pumpkin Dough" Recipe - A Potawatomi Recipe

Edna Stonecipher's Moonshine Pickle Recipe



Buckwheat Pancake Recipe

Buckwheat Flour Chocolate Cake Recipe


Classic Homemade Caramel Kettle Corn Recipe

Making Cornmeal at Home

Traditional Polenta Recipe

Polenta Cakes Recipe


Aunt Barb's Rye Bread Recipe

Whole Wheat Bread Recipe

Wheat Berry Pudding Recipe 


Dosas - Fermented Lentil and Rice Crêpe Recipe

Complementary Crops:

Scott's Fried Green Tomato Recipe

Okra Coins Recipe

Okra Marshmallow Treats Recipe - Katrina Blair's Marshmallow Delights