Michigan Grown Staple Crop Seeds that Fit Your Plant-based Nutritional Goals

Let's Eat!

Here are some inspiring recipes using your homegrown staple crops.

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Bean Family:

No Flour Bean Brownie Recipe

Bindaeduk Cho Kanjang Recipe - Korean Mung Bean Pancakes with Dipping Sauce

Farinata Recipe - Chickpea Skillet Pancake

Squash Family:

“OOWISSIMAU'N NO'KIYA "Pumpkin Dough" Recipe - A Potawatomi Recipe

Edna Stonecipher's Moonshine Pickle Recipe


Wheat Berry Pudding Recipe

Aunt Barb's Rye Bread Recipe


Dosas - Fermented Lentil and Rice Crêpe Recipe

Complementary Crops:

Scott's Fried Green Tomato Recipe