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Okra Marshmallow Treats - A Vegan & Gluten-free Recipe

Pleasingly earthy sweet, these vintage style treats illustrate the incredible versatility of the humble okra pod.


Okra Marshmallow Treats


Katrina Blair's Okra Marshmallow Delights Recipe


"If you don’t have a dehydrator, you could follow the same process using an oven at its lowest temperature setting; check regularly so the okra doesn’t overcook. The aim is tacky-chewy, not hard-crunchy.

Makes 15–20 pieces


2 cups (200 g) sliced fresh okra
1 cup (225 ml) water, plus more if needed
1/2 cup (170 g) honey
2 tablespoons vanilla
1/2 cup (60 g) cashews, raw or roasted


  1. Blend the okra with the water, honey, and vanilla in a high-powered blender until it creams up and becomes thick.
  2. Pour the mixture onto a dehydrator sheet in long strips and dry at 115°F (45°C) for about 6 hours. The mixture is dry enough once it can be peeled off the dehydrator sheet.
  3. Remove the strips from the sheet and tightly roll them up. The rolls can then be cut and formed into marshmallow-esque pieces.
  4. Powder the dry cashews in a food processer.
  5. Transfer the powder to a shallow bowl and roll the individual pieces in the powder until they appear white. These marshmallow treats can be eaten raw or skewered on a stick and warmed over a fire."

Our Tips

  • Reduce initial amount of water used for blending - the less water added, the less the dehydrator needs to remove.
  • For ease of cleaning spread the mixture onto parchment paper atop the dehydrator's mats.
  • Spread the mixture as thinly and evenly as possible so it dehydrates more efficiently – for several of my sheets there were spots that remained gooey long after the rest of the mixture was tacky. Gooey mixture does not roll easily!
  • For a nut-free option, roll the pieces in powdered sugar.


Slow Food Ark of Taste variety White Velvet Okra makes a great marshmallow!


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