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Squash Family - All Sizes

There are four common botancial groups (species) of squash. You can "safely" grow one variety from each species in the same garden without worry of cross-pollination. Keep in mind, however, that squash blossoms require pollinators, so there is the chance a bee unintentionally brings pollen from a neighboring garden. To avoid this risk, hand-pollination is recommended.

The four common species of squashes: Cucurbita (C.) argyrosperma (formerly C. mixta), C. maxima, C. moschata, and C. pepo.

Our Squash Family Collection includes other botanical groups such as melons, cucumbers, and assorted miscellaneous varieties.

I hand-pollinate all varieties in a same group to keep their seeds "pure". If a variety grown is the only one in its botanical species group, I do not hand-pollinate.

You can enjoy your yummy squash harvest throughout the winter by properly curing your squash to extend their time in storage.

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