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Buffalo Creek Squash

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Three Buffalo Creek hubbard squashes cured for winter storage, ready for enjoyment.

(Cucurbita maxima); aka Boston Marrow, Autumnal Marrow; Heritage - Centennial; a Michigan Connection variety; a Slow Food Ark of Taste variety (as Boston Marrow); a New York State Collection variety; Hubbard type;  Hand-pollinated; Minimum 20 seeds

This wonderful hubbard is a Seneca variety from the Buffalo Creek reservation of late eighteenth century Erie County New York. Seeds for the squash appeared in Boston Markets in the 1830s where the variety was renamed Boston Marrow.

Detroit's own D.M. Ferry seed company offered the squash under the name Boston Marrow in its 1881 catalog as “Very dry, fine-grained, and for sweetness and excellence, unsurpassed; a very popular variety in the Boston market."

Buffalo Creek's thick fine-grained fiber-free flesh is scrumptious mashed and well-suited for sweet pies, puddings and breads. Adding to its versatility, numerous large male blossoms in the summer are perfect for stuffing or frying.

Plants are big and moderately productive. Squash are whoppers!

Keeps well when properly cured and stored.


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