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Maximize your harvest - Properly cure and store winter squash

Curing your winter squash

After carefully harvesting your squash, they need to cure. Curing is the process of exposing the squash to dry heat. It increases sugar content, toughens the skin and “heals” any little scuff or scratch. If it is still warm and sunny outside, leave them in the field. We group them so if frost threatens we can easily cover them with a tarp. If it is cold or wet, bring the squashes inside to a warm sunny location or even a warm dry hay loft. We typically cure our squashes several weeks before moving them into storage.

Storing your winter squash

The ideal location for storing your winter squashes is one that is very dry with good air circulation. They keep best at 50-65 degrees (F). Basements are typically too moist and garages too cool. Spare rooms or closets are good choices. Be sure to check on them every once and awhile to monitor for dark squishy spots or shriveling that indicates spoilage.

If properly cured and stored, squashes keep several months and even longer for some of the smaller ones.