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November 14th: As our focus has shifted to processing our spring-planted crops and updating the site for full inventory sales, we are now CLOSED FOR THE SEASON FOR NEW ORDERS (except for items in our Digital Resources Collection.) We anticipate resuming orders with our full inventory by early January at the latest.

For our international customers, unfortunately there are now countries I can no longer ship to due to phytosanitary certificate or import permit requirements. Before you get your hopes up, please refer to our No Ship Country List.

Great Lakes Staple Seeds prides itself on offering a diverse selection of seeds, each and every one is regionally adapted, savable, all-natural, untreated and grown with love on our Michigan homestead. We devote our efforts to producing high-quality seeds of staple crops that meet a wide variety of plant-based nutritional and functional goals using methods that are ecologically responsible and sustainable. We are honored and grateful that you choose to include our seeds in your garden as a part of your healthy lifestyle.

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Strengthening varietal resilience to meet the challenges of shifting environmental conditions through the cultivation of robust varieties in healthy soil and the selecting of high quality seed from thriving plants.

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