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GLSS at MIFFS - March 2024!

Eleanor H.

We were fortunate to share an update of our SARE grant project with fellow growers at the MIchigan Food & Farming Systems' (MIFFS) 2024 Michigan Family Farms Conference in Kalamazoo, Michigan on Saturday March 9th.

Access the pdf of our MIFFS presentation (Predictive Yields for Small-scale Staple Crop Production in North Central States using Common Homestead Equipment and Minimal Inputs)

If you attended or if you've accessed the pdf - if you have questions, comments, etc., please leave your feedback in the comments section (it is moderated to avoid bot spammage, but we do check for "real" comments.)

Post-presentation survey comments by session attendees (and our reply):

Comments/Suggestions to the presenters?

  • No, it was great! (Thank you!)
  • Listing where calorie sources came from; But very interesting!! (We did mention our source was Google, but we will make this more clear in the future.)
  • FABULOUS!! (Thank you!)
  • Wow! I'd like to see/hear the full presentation (Please check the Marbleseed Conference page)
  • Very interesting project - liked the calorie analysis (Happy to hear this)


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