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Shipping to Canada

Sunday 22 March, 2020
As of 11 pm Eastern time, Great Lakes Staple Seeds is not accepting orders until further notice.

Please see International Shipping for countries other than Canada.

Shipping seeds across the US-Canada border has become increasingly challenging to the point that a number of seed companies (US or Canadian) simply do not accept international orders. I am willing to ship to Canada; however, once the package enters the postal system, it is beyond my control.

Great Lakes Staple Seeds is not responsible for international shipments that are lost, stolen, or confiscated and will not issue a refund in such cases. Please state in a note on the order processing page that you accept these conditions and terms.

Additionally, although the listed USPS delivery times are 6-10 business days, there is no guarantee that the shipment won't experience delays due to customs and Canadian Post.

This being said, these are worst case scenarios; as of 23 January 2020, orders have been successfully delivered in a timely manner and without issue to addresses in Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Quebec, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

I ship USPS First Class International Parcel Service which is the least expensive method and does not include insurance. If you prefer an alternate shipping method, you must contact me via email ahead of time to make the appropriate arrangements.

USPS Postal Rates increased 26 January 2020.

First Class International Parcel Rates:

Weight Not Over (ounces) Weight Not Over (grams)  Price (USD)
8 227 $15.00
32 907 $25.00
48 1361 $36.00
64 1814 $55.00

weight increments are per USPS specification

Example orders and their package sizes:

15 packets (3 peppers, 12 beans) = 7.80 ounces = $15.00

13 packets (all beans) = 9.30 ounces = $25.00

Please note: "Shipping" includes cost to process electronic payment, which includes a new extra fee for orders originating outside the United States.

Updated 3 February 2020