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NO SHIP - Country list

Great Lakes Staple Seeds does NOT ship to the following countries due to their postal service restrictions per USPS Country Conditions for Mailing.

Countries I NO LONGER SHIP to:

Czechia: Import license required

France: Phytosanitary certification now required

Germany: Phytosanitary certification now required

Ireland: Seeds are subject to special regulations

Korea, Republic of: Phytosanitary certification now required

Lithuania: Order refused at border by customs

Norway: required to register and to collect and pay VAT

Poland: Import permit required

Serbia: Customs issues at border

Countries I DO NOT SHIP to per restrictions stated in USPS Country Conditions for Mailing:

  • Argentina; Australia; Azerbaijan; Austria
  • Belarus; Belgium; Brazil; Bulgaria
  • Ecuador
  • Hungary  
  • India; Indonesia; Israel; Italy  
  • Jamaica, Japan
  • Latvia; Luxembourg
  • Malaysia; Morocco
  • New Zealand
  • Peru; Philippines
  • Romania; Russia
  • Slovakia; Slovenia; South Africa; Sri Lanka
  • Turkey
  • Ukraine; United Kingdom

If you have experience successfully receiving seeds from the US and your country is on this list, please email Seeds(@)GreatLakesStapleSeeds(.)com - REMOVE BRACKETS ( ) FIRST!