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NO SHIP - Country list

Great Lakes Staple Seeds does NOT ship to the following countries due to their postal service restrictions per USPS Country Conditions for Mailing.

Since we first started offering seeds in 2017, unfortunately this list continues to grow. National government restrictions, not personal desire, dictate where we can send our seeds.

Countries I NO LONGER SHIP to:

Czechia: Import license required

France: Phytosanitary certification now required

Germany: Phytosanitary certification now required

Ireland: Seeds are subject to special regulations

Korea, Republic of: Phytosanitary certification now required

Lithuania: Order refused at border by customs

Norway: required to register and to collect and pay VAT

Poland: Import permit required

Serbia: Customs issues at border

Countries I DO NOT SHIP to per restrictions stated in USPS Country Conditions for Mailing:

  • Argentina; Australia; Austria; Azerbaijan
  • Belarus; Belgium; Brazil; Bulgaria
  • Ecuador
  • Greece
  • Hungary  
  • India; Indonesia; Israel; Italy  
  • Jamaica, Japan
  • Latvia; Luxembourg
  • Malaysia; Morocco
  • New Zealand
  • Pakistan; Peru; Philippines
  • Romania; Russia
  • Slovakia; Slovenia; South Africa; Sri Lanka
  • Türkiye
  • Ukraine; United Kingdom

If you have experience successfully receiving seeds from the US and your country is on this list, please email Seeds(@)GreatLakesStapleSeeds(.)com - REMOVE BRACKETS ( ) FIRST!