100% Michigan Grown Staple Crop Seeds that Empower Your Plant-based Lifestyle Goals

The Great Lakes Staple Seeds Lentil Collection

These are lentil varieties that thrive in our Upper Midwest region.

Ken Albala in his Beans: A History, says of lentils:

"The lentil is an ancient sentinel among beans, weathered, time-worn and tolerant of the harshest conditions. Without this lowly legume, the course of human history might have been entirely different. The lentil was among the very first plants ever domesticated some 10,000 years ago along with grains such as einkorn wheat, emmer and barley."

If you can grow peas, you can grow lentils as they are very similar in cultural needs. Humans have included lentils in their diet for over 10,000 years for a number of good reasons. The plants are drought-tolerant and improve the soil through nitrogen-fixation. The small seeds, easy to cook, are powerhouses of nutrients – protein and essential vitamins and minerals. Lentils produce well for us, though pod set does slow down during the really hot part of summer. Dainty in foliage yet very bushy in stature, the plants benefit from support.

Check this site for ways to include more lentils in your diet.