Michigan Grown Staple Crop Seeds that Fit Your Plant-based Nutritional Goals


Our corn plan has been evolving the last few years.   Our focus is on historical open pollinated varieties that were selected for the northern edge of the corn belt.  Here is major corn growing regions of the US per the USDA:

USDA Corn Belt in the US

Corn does grow in Michigan, but we're not famous for it.  First, we will use length of maturity to manage multiple varieties on our farm.  A few will have to take turns from year to year.


Days  Named Variety

 70     Gaspe' Flint Corn

         Gaspe Flint Corn


75     VK RX 2300 Flint Corn

         VK RX 2300 2300 Flint Corn


 87     Minnesota 13 Corn

          Minnesota 13 Corn


97      Floriani Red Flint Corn

         Floriani Red Flint Corn


100    Silver King Dent Corn

          Silver King Dent Corn


105    Reid Yellow Dent Corn

         Reid Yellow Dent Corn