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The A.W. Livingston Collection - Ohio's Original Tomato Breeder

Commonly acknowledged as the "Father of the Modern Tomato", we are fortunate that through his 1893 publication Livingston and the Tomato (pdf), and these varieties, Alexander W. Livingston is still sharing his tomato adventures with us over a century later.

Livington's "New Method" & The Paragon Tomato (pdf) - excerpted from above.

Tomato Facts The Story of the Evolution of the Tomato by Livingston’s (1909) (pdf)

As Great Lakes Staple Seeds is a relatively new seed company, I'd like to take the time to express my appreciation for the dedicated preservation efforts of Victory Seed Company. While their work was before my time as a seed company, it enabled me to include these regionally significant tomatoes in our collection and inspires me to continue in their preservation footsteps.

A quick note about the names of these tomatoes - to distinguish from the current seed company of the same name, I include Alexander's initials (A.W.) in the variety name to reinforce its historical significance.

2024's growing season includes several Livingston originals so be sure to check back after fall's harvest!

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