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Spring Wheat

Spring grains do not require a cold period (vernalization) in their lifecycle to flower and set viable seed. Plant in the spring as early as the soil can be worked. This is where the homestead scale farmer can have an advantage over the commercially sized equipment. We plant in small plots which can be partially worked by hand as they dry. 

For growing information, please see our presentations that discuss  growing grains on a small, homestead scale.

For planting, I tend to wait until the soil is about 40F when measured 1.5 inches deep. Although it's a delicate balance between mud, rain and snow; I sure enjoy those early grains sprouting after the long winter.  In 2018, shortly after planting, we had had sleet and snow.  I was relieved to have excellent germination after that rough start.

For a sense of scale in these seed photos, please review here.