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Spring Wheat

Pima Wheat

Great Lakes Staple Seeds

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Pima Wheat
Pima Wheat seeds

(Triticum aestivum); Spring wheat; Minimum 50 seeds

At 1.9 grams per 100 seeds harvested, they are very small seeds.  Sorting out the 'plump' individual seeds for planting (and selling) revealed Pima is not satisfied with my climate.  This is reasonable, since it's from the drier Southwest.  As I have continued the grow-outs, I see improvement, as I am looking forward to tortillas.  In the photo, the surviving seeds look promising, if only they were all that way. It may take a few years.

This wheat does not enjoy the Michigan growing conditions.  I will continue to grow and select to create the Great Lakes regional strain.

Criteria Value
distance between plants 6 inches
distance between rows 8 inches
final plant height 25 inches
heads per plant 3.5
seeds per head 41
weight per 100 seeds 1.9 grams
length of head 48 mm
awned / awnless awnless
hulled / hulless hulless


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