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Adventures in spelt & dinkel dehulling

Scott Hucker

In the fall of 2023, we planted several new varieties of spelt.  (Yes, weather and critters willing, they'll appear in the 2024 Fall Shipped Grains collection.) My plan is to test each to see if any of them are more easily dehulled. 

spelt dinkel collection

I've got several plans, such as:

  • For each sample, beat the seeds with a rubber hose.  Any easily threshed seeds will be set aside for the next planting.  Who knows, maybe after several generations of careful selection will yield results in the trait I want--free threshing.
  • I'll test the Grainmaker dehulling plates using our standard (non-named) spelt/dinkel this winter while waiting for the snow to melt.
  • Anarchy Acres shared some open source dehulling machine plans which I will build someday as well.

Thoughts / suggestions? Please leave them in the comments and/or shoot us an email: Seeds at GreatLakesStapleSeeds dot com.

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