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Kurzer's Calico Traveler Lima Bean

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Delightfully patterned in vibrant calico, Kurzer's Calico Traveler Lima dry beans are large, flat and absolutely delicious.

(Phaseolus lunatus); a Michigan Connection variety; Bush lima; Minimum 25 seeds

Seeds truly are Mother Nature's gift to us. Not only do they provide us with food, fiber, medicinals, and wonderful blossoms to enjoy, they encourage us to connect with others. Kurzer's Calico Travelers are delightful limas first grown in our 2017 garden, but they didn't grow quite as described on the original package, which left me with questions. Through social media, I noticed a Doug Kurzer over in west Michigan, are the limas his namesake? I had to find out, so I sent a message and sure enough, they are! I credit these beans with my good fortune of meeting a neat individual and fellow gardening aficionado. And in case you were wondering, Doug confirmed my suspicion the original packet mistakenly labeled them as a pole variety; they are bush limas.

You can read Doug's recounting of the story of Kurzer's Calico Traveler Limas. (As time permits I will transcribe the story into a document for easier reading.)

Please note for this variety our seed stock is combined, grown on our homestead and on Doug's in west Michigan.

Limit 1 pack per person. I will refund any additional packs ordered.

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