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Pipian from Tuxpan Squash

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A group of Pipian from Tuxpan squashes sittin' in the sun curing before seed harvest.
Young vines of  Pipian of Tuxpan squash - note the white dappled leaves characteristic of Cucurbita argyrosperma squashes.
Freshly harvested silver-edged edible Pipian from Tuxpan squash seeds
Whimsical curly tendrils of a Pipian from Tuxpan squash vine
Oven roasted Pipian from Tuxpan squash seeds - a yummy, healthy snack

(Cucurbita argyrosperma aka C. mixta); Minimum 20 seeds

Pipian from Tuxpan has its origins in the Mexican state of Veracruz, on the Gulf coast. Like many in the species, Pipian is grown mainly for its large, silver-edged seeds that make a healthy, tasty snack when roasted. Our poultry flock enjoys the squashes after the seeds are harvested. It isn't that the flesh isn't edible, it's just that there are plenty of other varieties that surpass Pipian in flavor and composition. These vines with their dappled leaves do travel, so give them room or grow them as cover among your tall crops - corn, sorghum, or sunflowers. With the fruit being small, they trellis well.

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