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Edna Stonecipher's Moonshine Pickle Recipe

National Pickling Cucumbers make awesome Moonshine Pickles!

Edna Stonecipher’s

You need about 2 gallons of small cucumbers to make 1 gallon of finished pickles. 

Put cucumbers in an enamel pan (don’t use aluminum), and cover them with boiling water, to which has been added ¾ cup of pickling salt.  Let them stand overnight, covered.

The next day drain all the liquid off and discard it.  Slice your cucumbers however you want, and pack them tightly in a gallon jar.  Then combine, but do not heat: 1 quart of vinegar (5% acidity apple cider vinegar), 4 T dry mustard, 4 T. pickling salt, 4 T sugar, ¾ t. alum, and 1/3 cup mixed pickling spices.  Pour the mixture over the cucumber slices in the jar. 

Now start with 3 lbs of sugar. Add ¼ cup of the sugar to the pickles each morning, until it is all gone.  Each day you may have to skim some of the top off, or otherwise it will run all over down the sides of the jar.  When you've used up the 3 lbs of sugar, the pickles are done.

Edna would leave them in this jar, or divide them up in other jars, and kept them refrigerated.  She did not can them, or anything.  She said she has had them in her refrigerator for up to a year ! We have water bath canned this recipe but find the pickles are slightly less crunchy. We usually keep ours in a jar in the frig, though it isn't very long until we've eaten them all!

Pickling Salt
Dry Mustard
Mixed pickling spices


Edna Stonecipher, Uncle Kenny's mother on Scott's side of the family, was an avid gardener, canner and source of our recipe.

Edna Stonecipher source of our Moonshine Sweet Pickle receipe

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