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National Pickling Cucumber

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National Pickling Cucumber

(Cucumis sativus); Heirloom; Open-pollinated*; Minimum: 2 grams (~75 seeds)

The National Pickling Cucumber variety was developed by the National Pickle Packers Association and is an excellent choice due to its productivity and disease resistance (cucumber mosaic virus and scab.) Slightly tapered 5 inch cukes are striped, medium green with black spines. Kept picked, National Pickling Cucumber produces over a long picking window and are our reliable go-to variety for growing pickle cucumbers. They also slice well for salads.

* We only grew one variety of cucumber this season, but there is the very slight chance an ambitious bee brought pollen in from a neighboring garden.

Edna Stonecipher's Moonshine Pickle Recipe (no alcohol involved.)

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