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Homestead Transformation of Broomcorn into Brooms & Whisks

Map of the Acreage of Broom Corn grown in 1889, 1899, 1909 from USDA Bulletin 958

These are resources we find useful in the cultivation and use of Broomcorn Sorghum

Alternative Field Crops Manual - Broomcorn web page

Broom-corn and Brooms: a Treatise on Raising Broom-corn and Making Brooms, on a Small or Large Scale 1876 American Agriculturist

Broom Corn 1900 USDA Circular 28 Revised; pdf

Broomcorn 1903, Hartley; pdf

Broom Corn Culture 1912, McCall, A.G.; pdf

Dwarf Broom Corns 1916 USDA Farmers' Bulletin 768 by B.E. Rothged; pdf

Standard Broom Corn 1918 USDA Farmers' Bulletin 958 by B.E. Rothged; pdf

Broom-corn Experiments at Woodward, Oklahoma USDA Farmers' Bulletin 836 by Benton E. Rothgeb; pdf

Marketing Broom Corn 1922, Alguire, G.B.; pdf

Broomcorn Growing and Handling 1930 USDA Farmers' Bulletin No. 1631 by John H. Martin

Story of Broomcorn 195?, Arthur Martin; pdf