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Huron Wheat

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Huron wheat seeds
Huron Wheat on May 22
Huron Spring Wheat

(Triticum aestivum); Heritage - Centennial; Awned; a cultivar from The Kusa Seed Society Collection; an Ontario Connection variety; Spring planted; Minimum 25 seeds

A mid-season Canadian bread wheat, Huron was developed in Ottawa's Central Experimental Farm in 1888 as a cross between White Fife and Ladoga made by A.C. Saunders under the direction of his father, Dr. William Saunders, Dominion Cerealist. It first entered production in 1894 at Indian Head, Saskatchewan.

It was commercially grown in the Dakotas and Montana early in the twentieth century only to fall out of favor as did many other heritage varieties when changes in agriculture demanded varieties better suited to increasingly industrial cultivation. Adaptable, Huron is known to produce well in conditions that are wetter or cooler than ideal.

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