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Turkey Red Wheat

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Turkey Red winter wheat (awns heads)
Turkey Red winter wheat
Turkey Red winter wheat
Turkey Red winter wheat (tillering)
Turkey Red winter wheat

(Triticum aestivum); Winter Wheat; Hard; Red; Awned; Hulless; a Slow Food Ark of Taste variety

Of exceptional flavor and baking qualities, Turkey Red is a landrace hard red winter wheat that was introduced to US growers around 1873. Russian Mennonites brought their cherished seed with them as they fled the Crimea to Kansas. Farmers impressed with Turkey Red increased their planted acreage and the variety gradually dominated hard reds. In the mid-1940s, as with many heritage varieties, changes in cultivation favored modern cultivars and Turkey Red all but vanished. Thankfully dedicated efforts and the 2009 boarding of Turkey Red upon Slow Food's Ark of Taste mean a resurgence of this fantastic bread wheat.

Slow Food's Turkey Red Wheat listing is well worth the read.

2018 Summer Harvest Data

Criteria Value
distance between plants 6 inch
distance between rows 8 inches
final plant height 42 inches
heads per plant 15
seeds per head XX
weight per 100 seeds XX grams
length of head XX mm
awned / awnless awned
hulled / hulless hulless


Two packets options, minimum:

a) 50 choice hand selected seeds

b) 7 grams / 1/4 ounce of seed


My seed stock cames from Anarchy Acres.  In addition to growing several lines of wheat for flour, they have built a stone flour mill.

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