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Bai Chin Ke Barley

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A harvested bundle of Bai Chin Ke Barley spikes - ready for threshing
Bai Chin Ke Barley
Bai Chin Ke Barley
Close-up view of Bai Chin Ke Barley's awned spikes - harvested and ready for threshing
Bai Chin Ke Barley
A spike of Bai Chin Ke Barley with its long awns - field view
Grain heavy spikes of Bai Chin Ke Barley drooping and ready for harvest - field view
seeds Bai Chin Ke Barley naked hullless hull-less

(Hordeum vulgare); 6-rowed; Hull-less; Awned; Fall-planted

We don't have much information on this hull-less barley other than it is a cultivar developed in China that was donated to the USDA in 1999 by Beijing's Chinese Academy of Science.

One of our earliest maturing cultivars, planted mid September, this barley is ready for harvest mid to late June on our southeast Michigan homestead. Kernels thresh free easily by hand.

Bai Chin Ke is a great choice for homesteaders given that it is hull-less and awned to protect its heads from critter pilferage.

Please use the drop-down menu to select between packets options, minimum:

a) 50 hand selected seeds
b) 7 grams (quarter ounce)
c) 28 grams (1 ounce)

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