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Black & Tan Sinskaya Naked Einkorn

Great Lakes Staple Seeds

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Wonderfully hull-less threshed Black & Tan Sinskaya Naked Einkorn kernels ready for milling or planting

(Triticum monococcum); Naked Einkorn seeds!; Awned; Fall-planted

We are excited to include this naked seeded einkorn in our winter grain inventory, yes, you read that right - a naked seeded einkorn! Our original seed stock comes from John Sherck who received it from Swedish seedman Ruurd Walrecht. John states of this einkorn:

"It is and will remain one of the reasons Sherck Seeds exists. To aid in the proliferation of rare and useful seed for farmers, homesteaders and gardeners alike."

We wholeheartedly share John's sentiment. The selection of this line was made by Kevin Payne in Taft, California.

Early maturing plants are tall, boasting grain spikes that reach 5-6.5 inches in length. Awned spikes thresh their naked kernels easily - what a wonder!

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