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Black & Tan Sinskaya Naked Einkorn

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Black & Tan Sinskaya Naked Einkorn seeds

(Triticum monococcum); naked seeds!

We are excited to include this naked seeded einkorn in our winter grain trials, yes, you read that right - a naked seeded einkorn! Our original seed stock comes from John Sherck who received it from Swedish seedman Ruurd Walrecht. John states of this einkorn: "It is and will remain one of the reasons Sherck Seeds exists. To aid in the proliferation of rare and useful seed for farmers, homesteaders and gardeners alike."; a sentiment we share wholeheartedly.

This selection was made by Kevin Payne in Taft, California. Early maturing plants are tall, boasting grain heads that reach 5-6.5 inches in length. Naked grains are extremely “free threshing.”

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