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Ble' Dur Arcour Einkorn

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Ble Dur Arcour Einkorn
Ble Dur Arcour Einkorn
Ble Dur Arcour Einkorn

(Triticum monococcum ssp. sinskajae); aka Sinskaya; Heritage; Hull-less; Awnless; Fall-planted

We are excited to include this naked seeded (hull-less) einkorn in our winter grain inventory, yes, you read that right - a naked seeded einkorn!

Ble' dur Arcour was originally collected in Turkey in 1926 by Mikhailovich Zkukovskii, Soviet botanist and academician of the V. I. Lenin All-Union Academy of Agricultural Sciences. While on a two year expedition (1925-1927) to Asia Minor, Syria, and Mesopotamia, he collected about 10,000 samples of indigenous cultivated plants, including this marvelous einkorn. Zkukovskii is also credited with first describing the wheat species timopheevii.

Awnless, stubby blond spikes of Ble' Dur Arcour thresh easily and freely of their kernels.

As a naked einkorn, this sold out fast - Sold out for 2021 fall planting.


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