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Blue Goose Cowpea

Great Lakes Staple Seeds

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Blue Goose Cowpea
Eleanor holds a friendly American Buff Goose
a small pool provides winter splash fun for our geese

(Vigna unguiculata); Bush; Multi-use: snap, shelly, and dry; Minimum 20 seeds

Okay I admit I have an affinity for goose varieties inspired by my rowdy herd of free-range American Buff geese that although they test my limits at times like toddlers would, bring me joy. Blue Goose Cowpea is technically a bush variety but sends out enough long runners a trellis is beneficial. Plants are reliably productive, thriving no matter what Mother Nature has sent our way. Succulent long pods are great as snaps or if left to mature and dry through fall, zip open to reveal plump blue-ish speckled southern peas delicious as shellies or perfect as a pantry staple.


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