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Gigante Bean

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dry Gigante beans (aka Greek Elephant Bean, Gigandes Bean) with pods
dry Gigante Beans (aka Greek Elephant Bean, Gigandes Bean) with a US Quarter coin for scale

(Phaseolus coccineus); aka Gigandes, Yigandes, Boerentenen; Minimum 10 seeds.

Grown in Kastoria, Greece these beans known as the Greek Elephant Bean, feature prominently in the traditional baked dish plaki and are so cherished they have protected variety status. Here they are named for their exceptionally large size, Gigante, and are often a marinated delicacy found on antipasto bars (a local Kroger had them and that's how I got hooked.)

Typical of multiflora beans, rampant robust vines become laden with large gorgeous white blossoms that are magnets for hummingbirds and honeybees alike. Fat succulent pods are delicious as snaps but we prefer to allow them to mature on the vine for their coveted beans which become a mouthwatering marinated delicacy.

And while your beans are growing here is a favorite baked recipe for inspiration!

Limited quantities - 1 packet per customer

Don't accept imitations! Some sources are passing off large lima beans as Gigante beans; the true Gigante bean / Greek Elephant bean is a multiflora (runner) bean - Phaseolus coccineus.

A seed keeping note - Hummingbirds LOVE these beans and since they have an expansive territory, they can easily cross-pollinate multiflora beans as they make their nectar seeking rounds. It is advisable to grow only one variety a season if you wish to keep seeds true-to-type.

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