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Dual Wheat

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Pleasingly plump threshed soft red winter Dual Wheat kernels ready for milling, enjoying as a whole grain, or planting
Dual Wheat awnletted spikes - ready for threshing - close-up view

(Triticum aestivum); Heritage, Soft Red Winter; Awnletted; an Indiana Connection cultivar; Fall-planted; Minimum 50 seeds

Dual was co-developed in Indiana at Purdue University with the USDA in the mid-1950s as a soft red winter wheat cultivar resistant to Hessian fly. Its resistance allows seeding before the eastern fly-free date which allows its dual use as a pasture variety and as a grain crop. Medium lax fusiform spikes thresh easily by hand. Grains are pleasingly plump. 

We had minor lodging in 2021 during June's excessive rain and high winds.

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