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Eve Barley

Great Lakes Staple Seeds

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Eve Barley seeds
(Hordeum vulgare L. subsp. vulgare); 6-row; hulless; awned;
"Broadly adapted, winter hulless barley cultivar having early maturity, very good straw strength, superior grain quality and resistance to fusarium head blight (Fusarium graminearum). Exhibits an erect juvenile plant growth habit. At boot stage, has green plant color; flag leaves are slightly waxy and upright; leaf sheath and stems are waxy and anthocyanin is absent in leaves and stems. Coleoptiles are green and anthers are yellow in color. Eve is short (California Mariout) with medium stem thickness with a slightly waxy bloom. Neck is snaky shaped and has a closed collar. Head emergence in Virginia (109 d, Julian) is similar to that of hulless check cultivar H-585 and two or more days earlier than 'Doyce'. Glumes are mid-long and lack hairs. Lemma awns are rought and longer than spike. Kernels are naked and have colorless (white-yellow) aleurone. Has good resistance to lodging and tolerance to straw and neck breaking. Basal markings of the lemma is a transverse crease."

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