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Gopal Barley

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Seeds of Gopal Barley
Gopal Barley on May 22
Gopal Barley plot
Gopal Barley tillering

(Hordeum vulgare var. nudum); 2-rowed; a Kusa Seed Society Collection cultivar; Awned; Hull-less; Spring planted; Minimum 50 seeds

A unique 2-row barley from India, Gopal is distinguished through its grains that are a rich purple color at maturity due to their high concentration of anthrocyanic compounds. Advantageous to northern growers, it is believed these compounds also aid grain germination in cooler soils. Another distinctive characteristic of Gopal's mature grains is a reported fruity aroma released upon contact with moisture. Gopal's tillers benefit from preventative measures against lodging.

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