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LaPorte Wheat

Great Lakes Staple Seeds

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LaPorte Wheat
LaPorte Wheat kernels, a soft red winter wheat cultivar threshed and ready for planting, milling or whole-grain enjoyment
Field view of the awned spikes of soft red wheat cultivar 'LaPorte' mature and ready for harvest

(Triticum aestivum); Heritage; Soft Red Winter; Awnletted; an Indiana Connection variety; Fall-planted

A high yielding heritage soft red winter cultivar, LaPorte was co-developed in 1957 by researchers at Purdue University and the USDA for its resistance to powdery mildew and loose smut. Long, graceful awned spikes at the tips demonstrate heavy grain set despite weed pressure. Purple straw is strong and resists lodging. Easy to hand-thresh.

Our seed stock contained some heavily awned plants that were removed.  They are still visible in the photo.

As an aside - LaPorte County Indiana is home to Scott's family.

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