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Loto Upland Rice

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Loto Upland Rice seeds
Loto Rice being threshed
Hauling the Loto Upland Rice to the barn to be hung up for final drying
Loto Upland Rice being cut and bundled in the field
Loto Upland Rice with nicely filled panicles
Well formed grains in the heads of the Loto Upland Rice
visible difference in the transplanted (left) vs direct seeded (right) Loto Upland Rice
Robust stand of Loto Upland Rice nearing harvest
Loto Rice in bloom
Loto Upland Rice
Loto Upland Rice
Loto Upland Rice forming a large number of tillers

(Oryza sativa); Awnless; Hulled; ~105 days from transplant

Loto is a upland variety from the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy. An awnless variety, Loto's grains are considered a risotto type. Plants are compact in stature and tiller well.

Our initial seed stock came from Sherck Seeds. Here on our southeast Michigan homestead, we have successfully harvested from direct seeded plants for the last three years though 2020's harvest was diminished through considerable bird theft. Lesson learned - don't tempt fate by giving mature grains "just one more day."

If direct seeding, keep in mind rice seedlings are slow to emerge and establish, and don't do well with weed competition. A tip for direct seeding - plant 1-2 fast growing seeds like for a radish with each rice grain, the radish seeds will emerge before the rice and will help mark the rice seedlings. You can always pull the radish seedlings before they get too big.

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Seed weight: 2.8 grams per 100 seeds.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Keep in mind, rice seed is hulled. Rice is planted in its hull but after harvest, that hull must be removed before eating. De-hulling rice is not easily achieved by hand, requiring mechanical assistance such as the Brill De-huller or an electric de-huller.

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