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Recipes (1918) Use Peanut Flour to Save Wheat

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Recipes (1918) Use Peanut Flour to Save Wheat

USDA Office of the Secretary Circular No. 110 by The States Relations Service A.C. True, Director; 1918

Every available substitute for wheat flour must be used in cooking to help win the war. The Southern States have long been familiar with the use of crushed or ground peanuts in breads, muffins, and biscuits. This has always meant a saving of wheat and should continue wherever the flour made by grinding the press-cake is not available. The advantage of using either the flour made by grinding whole peanuts or the flour made by grinding the cake remaining after expressing the peanut oil is that fat is saved as well as wheat and it is also a patriotic duty to save fat. The saving of fat when the peanut flour is used comes in two ways: First, the peanut oil which has been pressed out of the peanut can be used for other purposes, and, second, since all of the oil is not removed in pressing, that left in the peanut flour makes it possible to use less fat than the recipes ordinarily demand. A number of ways of using this peanut flour are given in the following pages. These recipes have been tested in the experimental kitchen of the Office of Home Economics."




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