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Spring Dinkel

Great Lakes Staple Seeds

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Spring Dinkel seeds
Spring Dinkel

(Triticum spelta); aka Spelt, Farro; Spring planted; Hulled; a variety from The Kusa Seed Society Collection

Unlike most spelt which are grown as winter grains, unique genetics allows the spring planting of this very rare European Renaissance Era artisanal flour dinkel.

 2017 Late Summer Harvest Data

Criteria Value
distance between plants 7 inches
distance between rows 10 inches
final plant height 27 inches
heads per plant 3
seeds per head 31
weight per 100 seeds 3.4 grams
length of head 140 mm
awned / awnless awnless
hulled / hulless hulled



These seeds are still within their hulls. Germination is aided by retaining the hulls when planting the kernals.


Two packets options, minimum:

a) 50 choice hand selected seeds

b) 7 grams / 1/4 ounce of seed

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