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Stolz Brauner Winter Kolben Spelz (Spelt)

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seeds of Stolz Brauner Winter Kolben Spelz (Spelt)

(Triticum.aestivum.spelta); aka Dinkel, Farro; Hulled; Awnletted; Fall-planted; Minimum 50 seeds

Known as dinkel in Germany or farro in Italy, Spelt is an ancient hulled wheat variety originating in the Fertile Crescent over 9,000 years ago. Favored by many for its hearty, nutty flavor, Spelt's higher protein content results in a less glutinous flour compared to other wheats.

Stolz Brauner Winter Kolben Spelz was originally sourced in 1970 from Germany's University of Halle. Brown awnletted spikes are borne on strong purple straw. Plants are winter hardy and productive on our southeast Michigan homestead.

Kernels require de-hulling.

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