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Stuttgart Onion

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Stuttgart Onion as Dug
Stuttgart Onion being placed to grow for seed (Stuttgarter)
Stuttgart Onion
Stuttgart Onion after being stored for the winter (Stuttgarter Onion)

(Allium cepa)  Stuttgart (Stuttgarter) is a flattened globe type onion with golden yellow skin was selected  to be our sole onion for its staple storage behavior and ability to thrive in the North.  We don't desire massive bulbs, as who wants to put half a cut onion in their fridge!   The mild flavor can be enjoy cooked, even as French Onion soup.   Our seed onions were over-wintered in an unheated, cold, dry porch and not allowed to freeze. Firm bulbs were selected in the Spring as we felt over wintering stability was a key selection criteria.  Those were split into two groups and planted separately:  'flat' and 'round'.

Historically, onions are often listed as the first of the domesticated vegetables because were less perishable than others, easy to grow and could be simple to transport.  After the fall of the Roman Empire, Europe entered into Dark and Middle ages where main sources of food for entire population were beans, cabbage, and onions which fits nicely with our theme of Staple Crops. . During that time, onion was heavily used as both food and medicinal remedy. You could even pay your rent in onions.

We plan to offer these seeds in the near future.