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Rice Pea Cowpea

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Small white seeds of Rice Cowpea shown with their slender dry pods - a culinary treasure waiting for inclusion in your garden.
A field view of the slender pods of Rice Cowpea in various stages of maturity, held gracefully aloft on tall peduncles.
A field view of Rice Cowpea's slender pods in various stages of maturity and shown growing with an upland rice cultivar - biodiversity at its best, offering culinary versatility for northern growers.

(Vigna unguiculata); Heritage - Centennial; Minimum 20 seeds

Another great cowpea variety for homestead gardeners, Rice Peas deserve their space in your garden. Productive plants are vigorously bushy with some runners that twine betwixt themselves (occasionally reaching over to a neighbor...) Slender pods are held above the leaves on stalks four to a peduncle.

Be sure to check David S. Shields great Food Lore & More article on Rice Peas.


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