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Acorazonado Tomatillo

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Two golden ripe Malinalco tomatillos bursting from their husks

(Physalis ixocarpa); aka Queen of Malinalco; Malinalco Tomatillo; Tomatillo Acorazado; Landrace; Minimum 20 seeds

Large, fruity sweetness that grows inside papery husks, these versatile tomatillos sure are delightfully distinctive. A landrace with origins in the historic Malinalco region of Mexico, there is a small degree of variation in fruits within the general characteristics of a vibrant yellow-orange color and an elongated heart (corazón) shape.

The Malinalco region has apparently been long associated with magic and these tomatillos sure are magical in the culinary sense. Enjoy them fresh in salads and on sandwiches. Scoop out their innerds and they become vessels for a unique stuffed snack. Roast them, use them in salsa and add them to soups. Scott says they remind him of a cross between a cucumber and a pear in flavor and texture.

Plants are robust multi-branched bushes that easily reach 3 feet (~1 meter) and appreciate support.

I start the seeds indoors when I start tomatoes but direct seeding is possible. A note on the transplants - they form advantageous adventitious roots so you can plant them deep.


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