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Criolla Sella Hot Pepper

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(C. baccatum); Heirloom; Aji type; Blossom-bagged; Salsa; Cirolla Sella; Bolivia

(C. baccatum); Heirloom; Aji type; Blossom-bagged; Minimum 20 seeds

A citrusy, medium-hot aji pepper that matures in 90 days to a vibrant orange-yellow, this Bolivian heirloom thrives in our temperate northern climate. Short, sturdy plants are stunning as they become loaded with radiant 2-3 inch fruits. White flowers give way to fruits that mature green to yellow. Enjoy these thin-skinned peppers fresh, in salsa or dried and ground for home-made chili powder (to really add "zing", smoke or roast the peppers before drying.) Suitable for container gardening.

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