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Full Pint Barley

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Full Pint barley seeds
Full Pint Barley

(Hordeum vulgare); Spring barley; an OSSI-pledged variety; 

2017 Fall Harvest

Criteria Value
distance between plants 5 inches
distance between rows 14 inches
final plant height 26 inches
heads per plant 5.5
seeds per head 24
weight per 100 seeds 5.8 grams
length of head 102 mm
awned / awnless awned
hulled / hulless hulled


Spring planted semi-dwarf 2-row barley developed by Oregon State University.  The heads were easy to thresh by hand.

Two packets options, minimum:

a) 50 choice hand selected seeds

b) 7 grams / 1/4 ounce 

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