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Gill's Golden Pippin Squash

Great Lakes Staple Seeds

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A basket overflowing with Gill's Golden Pippin mini-acorn winter squashes cured and ready for the pantry to provide yummy goodness on a blustery winter's day.

(Cucurbita pepo); Mini-acorn type; Heritage; Hand-pollinated; Minimum 20 seeds

An exceptional squash in taste and productivity, Gill's Golden Pippin's single-serving size makes it easier to incorporate this nutritious, delicious squash into your menus. It was introduced to gardeners by Portland's Gill Brothers Seed company in 1952.  In our Michigan gardens we harvested an average of 9 fruits per plant on relatively short vines that trellis well. The glorious golden lobed petite acorns mature early, keep well when properly cured, and are yummy roasted or stuffed. A family favorite wholesome snack!

2024 note: these seeds have gone missing so all packs sold were refunded

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