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Scarchuk's Supreme Acorn Squash

Great Lakes Staple Seeds

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A glimpse into the vines of Scarchuk's Supreme Acorn Squash - five squashes ripening
Roasted Scarchuk's Supreme Acorn Squash

(Cucurbita pepo); Hand-pollinated; Acorn type; Minimum 20 seeds

An acorn squash developed for squash vine borer resistance by Dr. John Scarchuk who retired from UCONN in 1979 as Professor Emeritis of Horticulture and Plant Breeding. Massive vines that are pretty prickly trellis well on cattle panels to conserve space.

Scarchuk's Supreme achieves its superlative - plants remain robust throughout the season, producing female blossoms (potential fruits) well into August.

Noteworthy for those hand-pollinating, Scarchuk's seems a bit stingy on male blossoms for its early female blossoms.

So what's this variety's connection to the Great Lakes region? Well I grew up in Connecticut and have Huskie alums in the family; that, and it's a yummy squash to enjoy in a hearty winter's meal from a pepo that's vine borer resistant!

Extend your harvest by properly curing your winter squash.

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