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Tromboncino Squash

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Tromboncino Squash; C. moschata; Hand-pollinated
Tromboncino Squash; C. moschata; Hand-pollinated

(Cucurbita moschata); aka Zucchetta, Zucchino Rampicante; Heirloom; Hand-pollinated; Minimum 20 seeds

An excellent prolific dual purpose Italian heirloom - Tromboncino is sweet, nutty and tender when young and freshly sauteed. Allow to mature on the vine for a wonderful winter keeper whose small seed cavity ensures a satisifying portion of delicious, flavorful flesh. We train the robust vines to grow on a well-supported 8 foot trellis. Necks elongate as the squashes hang - reposition the bulbous seed end to encourage a fun final pose. A family favorite!

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