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A Simple Pot of Beans?

A humble bean pot of slow-cooked Kenearly Yellow Eye beans grown by Sheridan Acres in Michigan's thumb

A simple pot of beans?


Look closer and you'll see -

the gift of a bean pot from a father to his daughter

the enthusiastic, joyful preparation of and sharing of a family meal in New Hampshire featuring the Kenearly Yellow Eye beans grown by a hard-working 4th generation bean farmer in Michigan's thumb

the family phone conversation between Michigan and New Hampshire with its animated chatter about this and that including foodie details for this slow-cooked bean dish with its pancetta, celery, parsnip and thyme

the wonderful August day with its visit to Michigan's thumb where new friends were met

the support of a fellow family business

beans! locally grown regionally adapted seeds – essential to personal and community food security and homestead self-reliance


2020 sure noisily, constantly, demanded our attention but it's this humble pot of slow-cooked beans that quietly reminds me what matters most and what I resolve to remain focused on in 2021 – family, friends, seeds, community, and the belief that good things do come in time. (And did I mention beans!?!... )

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